L’Enfant Education has been founded by a group of parents of the Washington DC region who wanted to provide their children with the best possible bilingual early childhood educational experience.
L’Enfant Education focuses on offering:
• a full language immersion curriculum so its students become bilingual in English and French, and
• a beautiful learning environment inspired by the Montessori philosophy that would foster each child’s love of learning.


Our Commitment to our Families
At L’Enfant Education we establish a partnership between the parents and the school to support the children education to its best.
We guide each child toward mastery of individually assessed intellectual, social, emotional, and physical abilities.
We nurture self-confidence, concentration, and the sense of belonging to the world that we live in.
We thrive to keep the joy and expend the children imagination.

Developing Independence in Young Children
Young children are striving to be independent.
The classrooms are designed to develop independence and there are many things the children can do in their home environment to foster the same. In an organized environment, children ages 3-6 can care for themselves through dressing, food preparation, and care of their personal belongings.
Young children can contribute to the care of their home environment by completing household tasks such as helping set the table, caring for plants and pets, and being responsible for tidying their personal space. As Maria Montessori said so beautifully, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide for every child that join us a bilingual living and learning environment that:
• nurtures natural curiosity,
• focuses on the uniqueness of each child,
• promotes intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth, and
• help develop independence, a love of learning, and respect for all in a peaceful world.


Our unique educational philosophy combines language learning with Montessori education.
Students are immersed in language and culture while benefiting from the individualized, child-centered Montessori approach.
Both language learning and Montessori education develop children into curious independent learners.
This powerful combination develops students who are:
- bilingual and biliterate,
-prepared for the challenges of a globalized world and the rigors of upper grades and beyond.

For the application process and any questions you may have, please contact us via the contact form or via phone at (301) 358-5500.